6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

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Since you have to spend a fortune to bring speakers home, the speakers must be powerful and durable.

Nowadays, countable brands have been manufacturing speakers and new brands are emerging every other day.

Advertisement, well-built websites, catchy content, and impressive designs have made it almost impossible to judge whether the brand is worthy or not.

We all know Sony, Bose, JBL, Sonos, Yamaha, Philps, Marshall, Apple, Pioneer, Infinity, and Edifier are some reliable brands.

Unfortunately, these brands are not at all affordable for middle-class music lovers. In an attempt to find affordable speakers, middle-class music lovers often end up getting trapped by the worst speaker brands.

Worst Speaker Brands

So, if your concern is to look for a quality speaker brand with affordable rates, these worst speaker brands should be avoided. These brands are;

  • Ohm Speakers
  • Meridian Audio
  • NHT
  • Q acoustic
  • Fluance
  • ProAc

1. Ohm Speakers

Ohm Speakers is not the least known but the worst speaker brand as well. This speaker manufacturing company claims to make music sound better than most live performances. However, it fails in not only winning my heart but a million other music lovers as well.

6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

Ohm Speakers has been around since 1972. Even decades later, the Ohm’s speakers are just as disappointing as they used to be back then.

As you can judge by the name, the company deals in speakers only. The Ohm Speakers’ catalogue includes stereo/music, Outdoor, and Home Theatre, conference call speakers.

Despite dealing with a few types of speakers, Ohm failed in specializing and manufacturing the products. Let alone sound, I hate the Ohm Speakers’ overall appearance as well.

2. Meridian Audio

According to speakers market research ,Meridian holds the second position for being the worst speaker manufacturer. The Meridian Audio is nearly as bad at the job as the Ohm Speakers is.

The Meridian Audio claims to redefine how one experience sounds, frankly, it’s nothing more than a catchy tagline.

6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

Upon testing one or two Meridian Audio speakers, I decided not to invest in any Meridian Audio speaker in future.

The Meridian Audio speakers are made in Britain. Frankly, they are even worse than the speakers made in China.

All this company cares about is the design, the sound quality and all other important details are never bothered. So, if any of the Meridian Audio speakers came in the search and managed to get your attention, please do not spend your fortune on it. You will regret it.

Like the Ohm speakers, Meridian Audio is also a speaker brand that has been around for decades.

Even decades later, Meridian Audio has been making the same mistakes and planning not to learn from this in future as well.

3. NHT

After Ohm speakers and the Meridian Audio, comes to another worst speaker manufacturer; NHT.

NHT has disappointed and looted millions of music lovers, including me. The well-built website and the designs trick music lovers into thinking this is a worth-considering brand. However, it is not.

6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

The NHT manufacturers almost all kinds of speakers from towers to rolling bookshelf to Bluetooth speaker with CD player.

To be very honest, NHT is just a jack of all trades and a master of none. The only thing that impressed me was the design, whether it should have been the sound.

NHT is not any different from Ohm Speakers and Meridian Audio. Therefore with the fellow worst speaker manufacturing company, it deserves to be shut down as well.

4. Q acoustic

Q acoustic has also been listed as the worst speaker brand by a lot of music lovers. This brand manufactures and serves floor standing, bookshelf, home cinema, active & powered, speakers as well as installing speakers and systems and stands and brackets. However, it is not capable of manufacturing any type of quality speaker at all.

6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

The Q acoustic calls itself to be a multi-award-winning hi-fi brand, seriously? Unlike the other brands, the Q acoustic has been actively working for about 14 years.

Therefore, with the least experience, it’s quite understandable why the products are not up to the mark? I do not know why but I have a little hope that this speaker manufacturing company will upgrade it’s products. Whether it would or wouldn’t, we yet have to see.

These speakers are commonly used as side by side or as a alexa dot.

Unarguably, Q acoustics has failed to impress me and a million other music lovers. However, what I must mention here is that Q acoustics has been selling the speakers at affordable rates. Therefore, if the quality is not exceptionally good, the prices are not high either.

5. Fluance

Fluance happens to be one of the least known worst speaker brands I have ever come across.

This speaker manufacturing company claims to be specialized in home audio. However, by judging the quality of the Fluance home audio, the claim does not seem to be true.

Fluance also has got music systems and high-fidelity turntables to offer. The music systems and high-fidelity turntables are okay but not as good as they should be.

6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

Moreover, the company claims that all Fluance products give clean, undistorted bass, and smooth responses. It has only been noticed in a few of the Fluance products.

I do not consider Fluance a quality brand. However, there is one thing that I appreciate about Fluance; that’s a lifetime warranty on passive speakers. The other products are also one or two years warranted as well.

6. ProAc

ProAc has been registered as ProAc Loudspeakers. However, it is most known as “ProAc” speakers. ProAc is also a least known and desirable speaker brand that should also be a part of this list.

If we check the website and read the ProAc reviews, there would only be praises for the brand. It’s all lie.

6 Worst Speaker Brands to Avoid in 2022

I have tested a few most positively reviewed and highly rated ProAc speakers, but none of them impressed me.

I have heard recently that the newest ProAc speaker is better. Since my experience with ProAc was never good, it is the worst speaker brand for me.

These were the few worst speaker brands. Some other speaker brands should not be considered if you have got money to pay. However, these brands should never be considered at all costs.

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