How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker: detailed instructions

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Bluetooth speaker is becoming more and more popular device that is used not only for common digital tasks like playing music but also for voice search for information.

However, some people may suffer from this feature as other users connect to their Bluetooth speaker without permission. So, we will discuss how to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker, what are the most common problems with a Bluetooth device, and how to secure your speaker.

how to disconnect someone from bluetooth speaker

What is a Bluetooth speaker? 

Bluetooth speakers are speakers that can produce loud sounds and are just as great for playing music at an event or just broadcasting audio information to a large number of people.

The speaker can be controlled through your usual device, such as a phone, using a Bluetooth signal.

Most Bluetooth speakers are connected exactly through the phone settings, however, other devices can only be connected with the help of Bluetooth and at the same time an activated and authorized application on your phone. Bluetooth speakers are small devices that are either portable or can be kept at home without taking up a huge amount of space.

Methods to disconnect someone from my Bluetooth device 

The Bluetooth speaker can be disconnected from the unwanted device if you delete previously paired devices.

Let’s the other ways to unpaired Bluetooth speaker and answers the question of how to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth settings 

The first and easiest way is to disconnect a Bluetooth speakers using mobile device settings or Bluetooth settings.

To open Bluetooth settings, you must open your phone, open the settings menu, find the Bluetooth icon, press on it and select your Bluetooth speaker, then click on the disable button.

Force pairing mode with Bluetooth devices

Another way to disconnect a Bluetooth speaker is to use forced pairing mode. You need to hold down the power button for about 10 seconds to activate it.

Your Bluetooth speaker starts flashing, indicating that your forced speaker into pairing mode is in the process of being activated. At this time, the Bluetooth disconnects from all other devices and you can connect your device.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker: detailed instructions

Disconnect button 

Also, you can find the disconnect button not only in the connected Bluetooth device, like your phone for example, but also on the Bluetooth speaker. This button may look like a simple Bluetooth button. Read the instructions to be sure exactly what this button looks like and by pressing it you disconnect the speaker from other devices.

Unauthorized connections 

You need to go to the settings of your Bluetooth speaker and there you find a list of paired devices.

You need to click on one of the devices if you want to disconnect someone but keep all other devices connected.

Reset your Bluetooth speaker

Another good way to disconnect someone is to reset your Bluetooth speaker to factory settings or initial setup, however, you should know in advance that you do not only disconnect the unwanted associated device but also disconnect previously paired devices.

You can reset your Bluetooth speaker using the power button by pressing it for a few seconds. You can also use an audio cable or audio jack by disconnecting it from the speaker.

Aux cable 

If you want to disconnect someone from your Bluetooth speaker using a wired connection it is also possible to do this with an audio cable.

You need to use one end of the audio cable for your device and one for the speaker. The rest of the wirelessly connected devices before that are disconnected from the speaker.

The speaker powered off

Try to leave your Bluetooth speaker powered off when you are not using it, so as not to constantly try to disconnect someone. You may just use the power button.

Stay paired

If your Bluetooth speaker needs to be activated for a long time, always make sure that the pairing mode is strong with your device, if you suddenly need to disconnect someone, then do it quickly with the Bluetooth button.

Security features 

One of the best ways to prevent unwanted paired device connections to your Bluetooth speaker is to initially purchase a speaker that has special extra security features. Then you won’t have to manually disconnect someone.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker: detailed instructions

Why is someone connecting to a Bluetooth speaker: common problems

To be satisfied with the work and safety of a Bluetooth speaker for as long as possible and know that you do not need to ensure that you disconnect someone, you need to know what problems there are with speakers to be able to prevent them.


The first problem is, of course, the development of digital viruses. Although it seems to many that viruses are a computer-related problem, it is not, with improper connection and unauthorized material, many devices can suffer from this problem, including Bluetooth speakers.

Viruses can get into the Bluetooth speaker quickly, for example, if you constantly play sounds from unauthorized sources, or if you just constantly download files to the speaker that can harm your speaker’s system.

Also if you download the software update from unreliable sites.


The man in the middle is a speaker-related problem where your connection to the Bluetooth speaker is completely interrupted by a third device interfering with the connection.

Most often, this person who blocks your connection to the speaker is a hacker who is trying to use your Bluetooth speaker for his purposes, for example, to turn on his music or simply intercept the connection to subsequently track the location of your speaker.


This type of attack is reproduced by the hacker to intercept the communication in the initial stages and also helps the hacker listen in on the conversations that are being used with the Bluetooth speaker and find the right ways to track the speaker itself.

This type of attack is more complex than man-in-the-middle and can be performed in situations where your connection is lost. It is often used to prevent you from contacting security services.


Bluesnarfing is a type of problem that occurs when you are trying to communicate using a phone while also using a Bluetooth speaker.

The problem can arise when unwanted files from your phone appear in your Bluetooth speaker.

There is almost no way you can solve this problem, except for using settings in which you interrupt your connection with the speaker and lose communication with it.

How to make Bluetooth speakers more secure? 

The first and most common way is to use an audio jack rather than a wireless connection with Bluetooth speakers since you are manually blocking Bluetooth visibility for other devices and your gadget is dominant.

Another advanced security measure is the use of a security code, which is most often seen when using an advanced speaker.Thus, strangers can not connect to your speaker in any way.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker: detailed instructions


How do I stop someone from using my Bluetooth speaker?

There are a huge number of ways to kick someone from your speaker, you should choose the one that is more convenient for you, for example, factory reset or audio cable. Also, if you want to know how to install a special code on your Bluetooth speaker, you can refer to the user manual.

Can I connect Bluetooth speaker when someone else is connected?

Most likely not, since the Bluetooth speaker can not play sound from two different devices, only one connected device can control the speaker.

Can you interrupt someone’s Bluetooth connection?

If the other person’s Bluetooth pairing isn’t strong enough, you may well be able to connect with a Bluetooth speaker even with your phone’s settings or Bluetooth button. However, you must understand that the person who owns the speaker may disconnect an unauthorized or unwanted user from the device.


We hope that the question of how to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker will no longer be relevant to you after reading this article. Moreover, now you know what are the problems associated with Bluetooth devices and how you can not just unpair Bluetooth speaker, but completely secure your Bluetooth device from other unfamiliar gadgets.

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