How to Reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

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Having issues with pairing your overly loved Blackweb Bluetooth speaker with other devices? You do not need a replacement, resetting the speaker would resolve the issue. Resetting erases all the history and makes it easier for the speaker to connect it to any device.

Blackweb Bluetooth speakers are loved for being affordable, decent sound quality, fairly good playtime, and a million other things. However, people often struggle with connecting it to the devices.

Fortunately, this issue does not require professional handling. Resetting, which hardly takes a minute, would bring it back to the functional state. If you are facing the same issues, try resetting to resolve the issue.

How to Reset the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

Resetting the Bluetooth speaker is just as simple as resetting any other device. It does not require a tool or anything to begin functioning again. All you have to do is;

Turn on the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker; Whether it’s Blackweb or any other Bluetooth alexa speaker, to reset it to perfection the speaker has to be turned on first. If the speaker refuses to turn on, try recharging and turning it on again.

Reconnect; You can always reset the speaker whenever you want. However, before going for this option, it is better to try reconnecting once again.

If the Blackweb speaker reconnects, congratulations you do not have to reset the speaker to perfection. If it doesn’t, it’s time to take action.

1. Disconnect the speaker

This step is not mandatory. To be 100% successful in the plan, try disconnecting all the devices connected to the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker.

Once the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker resets, all these devices can be connected again.

How to Reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

2. Press and hold the power and Bluetooth button

The Blackweb speaker can be reset by pressing and holding the power and Bluetooth button at the same time. Press for a few seconds, the Blackweb speaker will reset itself.

3. Turn off and turn on the speaker

It normally takes about 10 seconds to reset a speaker. When you are done holding the Bluetooth and the power button for 10 seconds, turn off the speaker, wait for a few seconds, and turn it on again to move ahead with the plan.

4. Connect again

Once resetting is done, connect the Blackweb speaker with any device of your choice, play music, and enjoy.

If the issue persists, resetting would not help. You should better get your Blackweb speaker checked by a professional.


The Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is the most economical speaker with decent sound quality. However, users mostly struggle with connecting it to other devices. The issue can be resolved by resetting the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker.

To reset the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker, recharge, turn on the speaker, and connect, if it fails to connect, press and hold the power and Bluetooth button at the same time. Within a few seconds to a minute, the speaker will be successfully reset and be connected to any device wirelessly.

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