How to Charge Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

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Isn’t it a waste of money when you can’t use the Sylvania Bluetooth speakers just because you don’t know how to charge them? If you have bought the best Sylvania Bluetooth speakers and don’t know how to recharge them, you probably won’t be able to listen to them twice. Certainly, music and audio devices have always been a matter of attraction due to the power output and battery backup.

With time, innovative technology is presenting us with extraordinary devices, Bluetooth speakers, and the best subwoofer that only uplifts the audio experience and the joy of tunes. However, maintaining the devices and charging them is also a matter of concern. And if you don’t know how to charge Sylvania Bluetooth speakers you need the proper guidance.

Unlike regular Bluetooth speakers, the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker demands the proper recharging time for its seamless output. Therefore, in this article, we are exclusively shedding light on what is the right way to charge the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker. Read on!

What is Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

Before getting to the details, let’s have a look at what a Sylvania wireless speaker is. The Sylvania Bluetooth speakers are the handiest and most compact audio device that is getting popular for their robust sound and ultra-performance for being lightweight. Finding its pairing mode is pretty much simpler from the Bluetooth menu.

Its ideal design and reliable sound quality make this Bluetooth option a preferred choice for many users plus you can connect Sylvania via Bluetooth with a Smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop for a very good audio experience.

Additionally, the inbuilt 3.5mm AUX jack, USB slot, and microSD card enhance its quality for taking things to the premium level. To be honest, the charging of the speaker mainly depends on the charger and its quality. For Sylvania Bluetooth speakers you certainly need a specified charger to get the power in a seamless manner.

As you know, wireless devices need more power to function and robust output, therefore, you can infer the charging time in that regard. However, if you are using the company’s charger or the most compatible option, things become less hectic.

How to Charge Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

Generally, Sylvania speakers feature two USB ports (at the backside and bottom side) for attaching the cables or peripheral devices. Since Sylvania Bluetooth speakers are perfect for working for 8 hours on a single charge it becomes a priority if you want to spend some time out. Moreover, the suave sound quality never gets shrill over time. Below I have discussed how you can charge it effortlessly!

1. Look for the Port

For charging the Sylvania you have to locate the charging port for obvious reasons. Usually, it is located just in the middle of the speaker. Under the ovular share part of the design, you get it (a rubber flap). However, you can lift up the cover to see the charging port.

sylvania charging port

2. Turn on the Speaker

To put the speaker on the recharge, the best thing you should do is to turn on the Sylvania speaker and connect it to the device you want to recharge it. Note that when the speakers are charging the status is ‘ON’.

3. Connect Adapter and Plug-in Power

After turning on the speaker connect the power source i.e. the power adapter to the speaker. Make sure the connection is snug and well-fitted. Right after that, plug in the power adapter to the socket.

4. You Are Done!

This is it, the moment you plug in the adapter to the wall socket, the Sylvania spear will begin to charge. It will usually take a few hours and once it’s full charge, unplug the adapter and you are ready to listen to the audio calls, music, or any other MP3 file that you want.

Charging Time of Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker

If you are using the right and quality holder charging cable you get premium results. However, the general time of charging Sylvania Bluetooth speakers is about 5 hours. The speaker will auto shut off when the battery’s down, therefore you have to keep an eye on its charging time.

Do You Need an External Battery for Charging?

For charging the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker you do not have to rely on the external battery. The in-built rechargeable battery unit is enough to hold the power for the best audio streaming. If you are using it for the very first time, it is suggested to use a USS cable for charging purposes.

For using the USS cable you have to connect it to the USS port wall charger. After that, connect the other side of the cable to the charging slot that is located in the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker. And if you want to know if the speaker is charging or not, the row of lights present there would immediately let you know that.

In Essence

Overall, connecting the Bluetooth speakers and putting them on charge is not a big deal. However, all you have to do is to opt for the specified cable and get a fuller understanding of the speaker’s ports. Other than that, the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker lets out the best sound for streaming music and audio once you have fully recharged it.

Many people are concerned about the speaker’s efficiency if the port gets wet, therefore, always make sure to keep the Sylvania speaker dry and cleaned for the best results. Besides, the tech gear should always keep dried for logical reasons.

I hope this article has explained the charging of Sylvania speakers in a comprehensive manner. Happy listening!

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