How to Pair Sylvania Bluetooth Speakers?

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Bought Sylvania Bluetooth speakers because of their powerful sound. Now not sure how to pair them up? Well, you are not alone.

Millions of us have struggled with pairing Sylvania Bluetooth speakers for the first time. Luckily we are born into a time where the solution to every problem is just a few clicks away.

Someone brought me relief by guiding me how to pair my Sylvania Bluetooth speaker. Now that my speakers are paired, I decided to pay by helping my fellas here in pairing the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker.

Sylvania Bluetooth speakers do not demand you to go out of the way to be connected to any device. Pairing it to any device is just as simple as pairing any other Bluetooth speaker. To be more specific, here is what you have to do.

Spoiler alert: Turn on Bluetooth on both devices, search, and connect.

How to Pair Sylvania Speakers for the First Time?

Switch on the device and the Sylvania speaker; As you know, to connect Sylvania or another Bluetooth speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device both devices have to be switched on first. Therefore, you have to do the same; Turn on the device and the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker by switching the On/Off button to On.

Make sure the Sylvania speaker is fully charged.

How to Pair Sylvania Bluetooth Speakers?

The Sylvania speaker usually gives an audible prompt when it’s turned on. When you get to hear an audible prompt, you are one step closer to the goal.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on both the speaker and the device

Now that the speaker and another device you want to pair Sylvania with are on, turn on Bluetooth on both devices to move forward.

How to Pair Sylvania Bluetooth Speakers?

2. Wait for a few seconds

Bluetooth usually takes a few seconds to begin working up to the user’s expectation. Therefore, be patient and give both devices a few seconds.

3. Search for devices on the other device

Since the Bluetooth is on, pick up the device you wish to connect to the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker and search for the devices.

The goal should be to search and find the Sylvania Speaker from the available options

4. Select Sylvania speaker and you are done

Go through the available options thoroughly. Find Sylvania Speaker, select, and tap done to get done. There, the Sylvania speakers are paired to perfection. Have a good music break.

Pairing Sylvania battery less Bluetooth Speakers for the first time can be a bit tiring. However, the second and the other time would not be a hassle at all.

The Sylvania Speakers remember the device they have been paired to. So whenever you have to pair the two devices again, turn on Bluetooth on both devices and allow them to hang around closely. The Sylvania Speaker and the device will get connected automatically. Would it be amazing?


To pair the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker to any device of your choice, you have to switch on the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker and the other device, turn on Bluetooth on both devices, pick up the other device, and search for the available devices, find and Select the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy listening to music, you can thank me later.

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