How to Connect R1280DB to a PC?

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Connecting your speaker with the pc becomes a choice when you just want to rely on your PC instead of your MacBook or mobile devices. Sometimes, it get confusing, how you are going to do that.

Coming to our main topic you may want to setup Edifier R1280DP with your PC. All you need is to find the right configuration for your pc.  Once and for all, I am going to talk about how to connect Edifier speakers using the speaker wire, power source, pc and Bluetooth. Once you know how to do it, connecting speakers doesn’t require any technical expertise. All you have to do is place the jack into the input.

Steps to Connect R1280db to a PC

Here is a step-by-step guide for connecting a r1280db to a computer:

Step 1: Connect to the Power

Remove the plastic protective cap covering the spikes. Many folks fail to remember to do this and believe the plug is incorrect. The Edifier speakers should then be ready to use after being connected to a power source, such as an outlet, using the power line and turning on the power switch.

Step 2: Connect Your Bluetooth-Enabled Device

Bluetooth makes it simple to connect any device to Edifier’s speakers. Having a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker pc with a service range of up to 30 feet makes it simple to deliver clear sound even at a distance. Or you can insert pluggable USB Bluetooth 4.0 to enable Bluetooth functionality in case your pc is lacking.

Step 3: Connect With Window PC

To configure the Bluetooth connection for your Edifier speaker follow the steps below:

  1.  Open a PC and select Start and find the control panel.
  2.  To find Bluetooth, use the search bar on the control panel.
  3. Change Bluetooth settings by clicking. It will take you to a page where you can make choices and enable Bluetooth device discovery for your computer.
  4. There you will see the device the name (edifier speaker name).
  5. You can simply click on it and connect with your pc to your edifier R1280DB speaker.

Tip: Connect R1280DP to PC Using Wires

In case you want to connect your edifier R1280DP using wire, use a fiber optic cable, you can use red cables in red holes and white cables in white holes to connect edifier speaker to your computer.

Here is the helping video you can use to connect your R1280DP to PC:

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