4 Reasons Sonos Speakers Keep Cutting Out

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Are you regretting the Sonos speaker purchase because it keeps cutting out? Well, the good news is that your Sonos speaker is not at fault.

The speaker is probably cutting out for several other reasons. Yes, for several reasons!

If you have been facing the same issue, there is no need to blame the speaker and take it to the repairs.

To find the solution to the problem, you need to know what happens to be the cause of the problem. As there are several causes, here are the few that usually led my Sonos speaker to cut out.

Why Do Sonos Speakers Keep Cutting Out?

The Sonos speaker can be cut out due to

  • Poor internet connection
  • The Sonos speaker is out of range
  • Relocation
  • Wireless interference

Poor internet connection

If you have done everything well, still the Sonos speaker keep cutting out. You can blame and put the internet connection to test.

Most of the time, when I learnt to connect and use my Sonos speakers perfectly, the cutting out issue was due to my poor internet connection. So, whenever I would face this issue, the first thing that I used to check was my internet connection.

The Sonos speaker is out of range


The most commonly used Sonos speakers are the wireless ones. As you know whether it’s Sonos or any other brand, the wireless speakers have to be in the range to work up to your expectations.

If the speaker is placed somewhere far away from it’s range, cut out would happen for sure. The issue would easily be fixed by bringing the speaker back to it’s range.


Relocation can also happen to be one of the major causes of the issue. Therefore, whenever you relocate your Sonos speaker and begin experiencing cutting out, know that the relocation is not done properly. You can connect microphone to speakers for confirmation.

Wireless interference

Wireless interference can also cause discomfort. It usually happens when you are using a wireless Sonos speaker and it is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

When you connect multiple devices that use radio frequencies at the same time, cut out happens.

These were the few reasons that usually cause the cut out issue. Therefore, before complaining or blaming the speakers you have to read the user manual and double-check the wireless interference and the internet connection.

In brief, Sonos speakers can keep cut out for a variety of reasons. However, most of the time it is usually due to poor internet connection, relocation, wireless interference, and the speaker is out of range.

The speakers are rarely at fault, it’s usually the recklessness or the poor connection that leads to the discomfort.

Therefore, before using the Sonos speaker read the user manual thoroughly, and double-check the internet connection to not face the issue.

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