How to Connect Aomais Speakers? 3 Ways

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Not sure how to pair Aomais speakers? It is easy to connect and set up Aomais speakers through Bluetooth pairing.

Aomais has produced some of the best speakers to turn your phone into a sound system. This audio hardware manufacturer is trusted by many people for its exceptional quality speakers.

Many people are not familiar with the process of connecting Aomais speakers with the phone. In this post, you will learn to pair Aomais speakers with a step-by-step guide.

How to Connect Aomais Speakers?

Luckily, you do not need any special apps or software for setting up a connection, a straightforward Bluetooth connection would do.

First and foremost, begin the basic connection process by turning on the Bluetooth followed by a few simple steps to successfully pair Aomais speakers.

Turn on Bluetooth – The two Aomais speakers that need to be connected should be kept within a distance of 3FT (1M).

Then, the Bluetooth indicator light on the speakers will turn blue and begin to flash slowly. Soon enough, you will hear “powering on” and ”ready to pair”.

1. Set Up a Connection

Secondly, press and hold the volume button of one speaker simultaneously until you hear a beep. The Bluetooth indicator of the said speaker will start to flash more rapidly than the other one.

Bluetooth connection between two speakers is established when you hear ‘Paired’.

2. Connecting Aomais Speakers to a Bluetooth Device

Now, connect the Aomais speaker whose Bluetooth indicator flashed faster and connect it to a Bluetooth device. Operate the speaker to establish the Bluetooth connection between the two Bluetooth speakers.

3. Test the Audio

When you hear ‘paired’, the speaker and the Bluetooth device are connected successfully.

Next, test the audio by playing some music and adjusting the volume to an appropriate level.

Disconnecting Aomais Speakers

It takes just a few seconds to disconnect Aomais speakers and requires you to follow a familiar step.

Press and hold the 2 volume buttons of one speaker at a time until you hear “ready to pair”. This indicates that the speakers are disconnected and can be used as single units.

Things to Know When Pairing Aomais Speakers

Most people have a hard time connecting Aomais Bluetooth speakers because they are making common mistakes that terminate the stereo pairing function.

  • Audio IN Mode – Make sure that the speaker is not in Audio IN Mode as it disables the stereo pairing function.
  • Audio IN Jack – You can not set up a Bluetooth connection until an audio cable is connected to the Audio IN Jack.
  • Bluetooth Connection with One Speaker – If the Bluetooth device is connected to one speaker or the other speaker is turned off, the stereo pairing function will be automatically disabled.
  • Presence of Other Bluetooth Devices Nearby – A connection needs to be terminated if the Bluetooth device is connected to a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, or other gadgets. Disconnect both devices as it causes distorted noise in the speaker output.


To summarize, it is easy to connect a Bluetooth device with Aomais speakers if you know the right steps. Hopefully, after learning the process, you will be successful in connecting the two devices this time.

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