How to Destroy Speakers from a Distance?

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Done requesting your neighbours not to play music loud? This probably is a time for a Plan B. Since like a good neighbour you have requested many times to bring the volume down, how about destroying the speaker to teach them a lesson?

Frankly, to destroy the speaker you would not even have to break into the neighbour’s house at midnight.

The speaker can be destroyed from a distance as well. There are about a hundred ways to destroy the speaker.

However, the ways that I have found quite economical and effective are given below;

How Do You Destroy the Speaker from a Distance?

As stated above, there are several ways to destroy speakers from a distance. However, in my opinion, the easiest and most economical way is by using Active Noise Control and Antenna and Amplifier.

Using the Active Noise Control feature

Active Noise Control is my favourite for a variety of reasons. That’s the major reason why it is served on the top. To destroy using Active Noise Control you will need;

  • A high-quality microphone
  • Pre-amplification for your mic
  • Multiple speakers
  • Mixing table

Gear up for the mission

To destroy the neighbour’s speaker, you first have to gear up for the mission by gathering all the supplies.

Connect the speakers

As Active Noise Control is software that cancels works by cancelling out ambient noise. Therefore, to get done with the job you have to connect a couple of speakers in reverse popularity.

Wait for the neighbour to play music

Once you have connected the speakers in the reverse popularity, you have to wait for the neighbours to play music to take action.

Take action

When the neighbour begins playing music loud, you have to direct the microphone towards the neighbour’s speaker.

This action will kick-start the amplification process, now you have to set the amplification in the reverse direction with inverted popularity.

There your job is done, the inverted speakers would add a 180-degree wavelength to reduce the in-phase wavelength.

Keep in the mind, that the Active Noise Control would not immediately eliminate the noise. It will disrupt and take a few seconds to minute the noise completely.

Work or sleep peacefully

Now that the neighbour’s noise speaker has stopped, you can continue working or go back to sleep.

Using an antenna and an amplifier

An antenna and an amplifier are equally forgiving and effective in destroying the speaker from a distance. To destroy the neighbour’s speaker using Antenna and Amplifier you would need;

  • CB radio
  • Antenna
  • Tone generator
  • High-quality linear amplifier

Have all the required supplies and try figuring out where the neighbour’s speaker is placed;
The move ahead with the plan, place an order for a CB radio, antenna, tone generator, and a high-quality linear amplifier. Once all the necessities got delivered, you somehow have to find out where your neighbour’s speaker is place.

Place the amplifier and the antenna in an ideal place

Do you know why you have been asked to figure out where your neighbour’s speaker is placed? To find out where your amplifier and antenna should be placed.

So, do what you are supposed to do; place the amplifier and antenna closer to the neighbour’s speaker location.

Wait to witness victory

When the neighbours will play music, the amplifier would generate the square wave at the outputs, destroying the speaker by amplifying the AM signal with an energy of 10 hertz.

Celebrate and have a peaceful day

Since you have found a smart way to deal with the issue and managed to accomplish the mission, this calls for celebration. Celebrate and have a peaceful day.

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Matt K. Brooks

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