How to Pair Sony Speaker to iPhone?

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I get a lot of technology-related queries and try my best to answer as many queries as I can. One query that I have been getting “a lot” lately is how to pair sony speakers to iPhone? So, I guess it’s high time to find a solution for my readers.

Pairing speakers to an Android device is pretty easy. Pairing the Sony speakers to the iPhone is also not tricky, it’s just that we do not know what options we have and what we are supposed to do. So, let’s not beat about the bush and find you a solution.

How to Pair a Sony Speaker with an iPhone?

I would like to mention here that the Sony speaker and the iPhone can be paired wirelessly or via a connector. Now, here’s how you can establish a wired or wireless connection.

Pair Sony Speakers with iPhone Wirelessly

To pair wirelessly, the speakers should support Bluetooth. Assuming, the speakers you have at hand support Bluetooth, all you have to do is;

Switch on the speakers

Switch on the speaker, If the speaker is battery operated you can switch it on by pressing the ON/OFF button. However, if the speaker is not battery operated, plug it into a reliable power source.

Turn on Bluetooth on both speaker and an iPhone


Since the pairing is done via Bluetooth, it’s the need of the hour to Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.

On the iPhone, switch on Bluetooth by tapping on the Bluetooth. Whereas, on the speaker turn on Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth button until the speaker rings.

Go to settings and search devices

Now that the Bluetooth is turned on, go to your iPhone’s settings and find relevant options to search devices. It will take a few seconds to a minute, so be patient.

Find the Sony speaker in the served option

How to Pair Sony Speaker to iPhone?

If you are working with multiple devices at the moment, you will get to see a lot of options. Since the goal is to pair the Sony Speaker to the iPhone, find a relevant option. If you do not get the option, the speaker might be out of the range.

Try moving the speaker a bit closer to the iPhone and search for the available options once again.

Tap on the speaker and get done

All you now have to do is tap on the right option and pair. So, do it immediately and get done.

Once the Sony speaker and the iPhone are paired, you would not have to go through the whole process again and again.

Whenever the Bluetooth on both devices is on, iPhone and Sony speakers would be paired automatically.

Connect the Sony Speaker and an iPhone with a Connector

This method works for speakers that do not support Bluetooth. Most speakers can be connected using a 3.5mm audio cable.

However, if the speaker you need to pair can not be paired using a 3.5mm audio cable, you might have to find some relevant option. The rest of the procedure would be the same.

Now what you have to do is connect one end of the cable to the iPhone and the other one to the Sony speaker.

The pairing is done. It’s important to mention here that whenever you have to connect the Sony speaker and the iPhone again, you have to perform the whole process every single time.


To connect the Sony speaker to the iPhone you have to turn on Bluetooth on both speakers, search available devices on the iPhone, tap on the Sony speaker and pair. The other way is to pair the iPhone and the Sony speaker using an audio cable.

To pair, connect one end of the Audio cable to the Sony speaker and the other to the iPhone. The pairing will be done! Play your favourite music and enjoy.

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