How to Connect iPhone to Bluetooth Speaker?

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When you are low on budget and have to throw a Friday night party as well, you can smartly save money by not hiring the sound system. You can simply connect your iPhone to the Bluetooth speaker and fetch an impressive sound.

Connecting the wired speaker is easy. However, unfortunately, the market is bombarded with the latest technology; Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, even if you prefer a wired speaker you would find the Bluetooth version more feasible. The Bluetooth speakers are all rewarding, it’s just that these speakers might be a bit harder to connect.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to iPhone 6 or Any Other iPhone Model?

iphone bluetooth settings

The Bluetooth speakers are super forgiving, they can be connected without any aid. All you need is a Bluetooth speaker and any iPhone. To connect the two, here’s the step by step guide;

Step one

Since we all know to connect the devices via Bluetooth, the two need to be placed closer to each other. The speaker and iPhone should also be placed nearby. However, the two should not be so close that the sound gets affected. Therefore, place them at a favourable distance

Step two

Turn on the speaker and the iPhone. To be able to connect the speaker and iPhone via Bluetooth, the two devices has to be on

Step three

Carefully examine the Bluetooth speaker, there would be a button press and hold the button to bring it to the “pairing” or “discoverable” mode. If you do not find any button, check the Bluetooth speaker’s manual. There would surely be some other way to put it into the pairing or discoverable mode

Step four

Take your iPhone and go to the settings. The settings app would be somewhat grey and it will be appearing on the Home screen

Step five

Scroll down to the Bluetooth option and turn it on by sliding it to the right. Wait for the Bluetooth icon to appear on the top of your iPhone’s screen. Once you begin seeing the Bluetooth icon on the top, you are good to go

Step six

The next thing you need to do is search for the devices. Wait for the iPhone to list down the Bluetooth speaker as well. The speaker would be listed with a name or the model number, whether its name or the model number, it would be easily recognisable. The option can or can not appear, if it does not appear you can simply disable and enable the Bluetooth again on both devices

Step seven

Now that you have the speaker option, tap on the option to enable pairing. Wait for a few minutes. Within 1 or 2 minutes the pairing would be done. However, if it does not happen for any reason, you can repeat the procedure. It must be kept in mind that a few Bluetooth speakers come with passwords, so you have to confirm first whether a password would be required for pairing the two devices or not.

Step eight

To put the recent connectivity to a test, go to the music application on your iPhone, select your favorite song, and hit play.

What Do You Need to Know Before Connecting the iPhone and the Bluetooth Speaker?

You need to know you can not fetch as impressive a sound as you get from the sound system. However, if you are pairing a good-quality Bluetooth speaker to an iPhone, the sound would more or less be the same as a sound system.


When you have to play music loud without any sound system, pairing up the iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker would be a fine idea. All you would be required to have is a Bluetooth speaker and an iPhone. Once you have got the two devices hanging close by, turn on the Bluetooth on both devices. Find the Bluetooth option in the Settings application on your iPhone and on the speaker, there would be a button. Turn it on and allow your iPhone to search devices. You would get a list of options, scroll down to the speaker, enter a password(if required), and connect. Once connected, you can go to a music application on your iPhone, hit play, and enjoy. It must be kept in mind that if your iPhone and the speakers fail to connect, you can always try again. In one or two tries, the iPhone and the speakers would surely be connected. All you have to be is “patient”.

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