How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone?

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Two Bluetooth speakers, one iPhone? Sounds like an ultimate combo to get a rich, clear sound. When walking into a party, you expect to be greeted with loud music which is not possible with a single speaker.

Linking multiple speakers improves the overall sound quality and gives the volume boost required to keep the party going.

Lucky for you, it is quite possible to connect an iPhone to two or more Bluetooth speakers to get rich, surround sound.

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone?

The first logical question is, can you connect two Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone? Fortunately, it is possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone simultaneously.

The latest models like iPhone Pro Max 12 give you multiple options to connect it to two Bluetooth speakers.

Before understanding how it works, an iPhone user needs to know what accessories are required for the connection.

Material Require

Since you are connecting through Bluetooth, a user does not require many accessories, just basic stuff like the iOS device and Bluetooth speakers.

  • iPhone and iPad with iOS 6 or higher versions
  • Two Bluetooth speakers with integrated audio cable ports and third-party apps compatibility
  • A wireless router for the connection of all paired devices

Connecting Two Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone

  • Check the iOS Software – Make sure that the latest version of iOS software is installed on the device. Go to Settings > General > About to look for the information related to the iOS version.
  • Turn on Bluetooth – Turn on Bluetooth on both speakers and iPhone and confirm if the devices are discoverable. It may take a few seconds for these devices to be visible and ready to pair.
  • Connect Speakers – Once both the speakers are detected, follow the on-screen instructions on the iPhone/iPad to connect speakers. Oftentimes, it requires you to enter the passcode displayed on the speaker or by pressing different buttons on both speakers simultaneously.

Try setting up each speaker with negligible pauses between starting and completing the process. Repeat the process if you want to add a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Adjust Volume – Once the Bluetooth speakers are connected, adjust sound levels by manually changing them from Settings > Music and then going to the Volume Limit.

Bonus Tip: If the speakers are not producing any sound after connection setup, turn off the Airplane mode, if switched on. Once the mode is off, the iPhone user should hear the sound immediately.

Other Ways to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone

There are multiple ways to connect multiple speakers for better audio, especially in the latest iPhone models.

  • Bluetooth is the most popular way to connect multiple speakers to iOS devices.
  • Connect directly via lightning cable-to-audio adapter
  • Use an AV Receiver to connect iPhone
  • Utilize a wireless router


Now that you know different ways to connect iPhone to Bluetooth speakers, it is your turn to try and set up a connection. Connecting through Bluetooth is, by far, the easiest way without the hassle of the cords.

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