How Long Does a JBL Speaker Last?

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No matter how expensive speakers you buy, they have a shelf life. You can increase the shelf life, durability, or longevity of the gear but cannot expect it to last for a lifetime. Certainly, with care and concern things last more than what they claim. However, if we talk about the top brands like James Bullough Lansing (JBL), it offers you more quality and lifetime than the regular ones.

Ever since the establishment of the brand, they have been offering robust, solid, and durable products that ensure its performance in every way. However, what is the exact time of their ‘being alive’ is something that is worth knowing.

So if you are about to buy the JBL speaker it’s better to find out how long the JBL speaker lasts. In this article, we shall cover everything that revolves around JBL speaker performance, its warranty, and its durability. Sounds good?

How Long Do Bluetooth JBL Speakers Last for Battery?

The best thing about the JBL speaker is its efficiency and well-build design. Therefore, they usually last more than the regular speaker with enhanced audio quality. If you talk about the Bluetooth speaker, it would work up to 20 hours once you have completely charged it.

Actually the 20 hours battery is declared by the manufacturers if the original battery (Lithium-Lon Polymer) is maintained well and charged properly.

Based on my personal experience, I have played music on my JBL speaker and its lasts up to 13-15 hours playing music straight without any pause.

After getting fully charged, the speaker will not break the connectivity or ever lose the audio reception at any point.

However, it’s about how long they last after being charged.

Factors Affecting Lasting of JBL Speaker

Also the lasting time of JBL speaker depends on the three major factors:

  • Charging time
  • Charging correctly
  • Usage

Charging Time

Charging time means how much time you give JBL speaker to charge. Once they are fully charged like 90%, you should remove the charger so you can avoid over charging of JBL speaker. Also, there are LED lights you can see to get an idea if the JBL speaker is fully charged or not.

Charging Correctly

If you plugin the JBL charger correctly it charges well and last more because the correct way of charging JBL speaker affects the lifetime of battery in it. So, be sure to plugin the port of charger into JBL firmly and correctly.

Usage of JBL Speakers

Usage of JBL speaker also affects its battery. Listening to music at full volume capacity of JBL speaker decrease the life of its battery which ultimately last less longer. So, its better to listen to music with one point less volume than the full.

Now let’s see how long JBL speakers last for durability!

How Long Do JBL Speakers Last for Durability?

The JBL speakers are well-made and you can infer the quality from their design. No matter how stylish they are, the kind of quality they hold needs to be applauded for sure Plus they use a premium Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that is self-discharged and hence works better. Talking about the durability of these speakers, they last more than 20 years. However, 10 years is an expected lifespan for the JBL speaker even if you handle them roughly.

However, how rough you use them and how you handle them is something that is an underlying factor. In short, if you have maintained the speaker in its new form for years and use it carefully, the JBL speaker may last more than 20 years and vice versa!

However, longevity is one of the factors that nobody can guarantee. It mainly depends on how you use the speaker and whether you are a regular listener or you just use the JBL speaker often.

However, you can also check its warranty claim and talk to the customer support in case you want to know the specific information of the JBL model that you have,

Factors That Enhance the Durability for JBL Speakers

For anything, care is the one highlighted factor that makes its efficiency way better. However, when it comes to tech gears and devices, the “care” becomes maintenance. So if you own the JBL speaker and want to keep them working for longer times, here are the factors that you need to be concerned about.

1. Keep them in the proper place

Speakers and devices always demand a dust-free palace. Make sure the JBL speakers are not in a dirty or dusty place as dust runs through the speaker for sure. And if the dust is not damaging the speaker itself, it may make the sound quality rather compromised. So make sure to keep the speaker in the proper place that is cleaned as well.

2. Don’t move them

Even if you have portable JBL speakers, you should not move them every second. Keep them at a specific place and enjoy the sound. On the other hand, if you have the big PartyBox JBL speaker, keep its place specified. Moving it for about every second will only make the seamless working doubtful.

3. Don’t expose to extreme temperature

 Continuous exposure to heat or cold temperatures ruins the internal machinery of the speaker. Therefore, do not expose them to heat, or fire in extremely cold surroundings. That would add to the performance and longevity on the border perspective.

 4. Cranking the volume

If you often crank the volume of the JBL speaker they may lose quality sound and hopefully won’t last long. It’s important to note what kind of music you play on the JBL speaker and if the search is made for that or not. For deep bass, you can play the music likewise.

So don’t crank the volume up on a regular basis. The louder frequency sound pushes the speaker and it isn’t the best thing to do when you want your speaker to last longer as it makes the speaker sound blown and irritating to hear.

5. Keep carefully

 If you keep the speakers cleaned they would certainly let out a suave result. For speakers, earbuds, or other audio devices, you should keep them back in case to avoid any damage or external exposure. Make sure to put back the speaker in the case especially when you are not using them for a longer time. It would provide safety to the internal components and it’s a subtle way to keep off dust and spill damage.

6. Charging approach

The Bluetooth JBL speaker certainly has a battery that needs to charge. So you have to be precise about JBL recharging for increasing its lifespan. Mostly, it’s the battery that gets either dead or malfunctioning for some reason. As you know, it is suggested that you shouldn’t let your device discharge below 20%. There is no exception with JBL speakers as well.

Moreover, if the voltages are fluctuating, it would impact the battery. Both low or higher voltages will damage the battery to corrosion or other factors so make sure the charging voltages are stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the extra battery for the JBL speaker?

Singing batteries more than needed is not a good approach. Moreover, using the incorrect installation of the extra battery certainly impacts the JBL speaker and it would cause the overall durability to shrink.

Do all JBL speakers offer the same level of durability?

Durability for the JBL speakers is not a hard and fast rule to work in a similar way. As mentioned before, the way you handle the speaker affects its performance in both good and bad ways. However, talking about the types, each speaker has its own durability zone. For instance, the following types of JBL speakers offer different durability approaches.

Car speaker

  • 8-10 years for heavy use
  • 12+ years for light use

Bluetooth speaker

  • 2- 3 years for heavy use
  • 5 years for light use

Home speaker

  • 10 years for heavy use
  • 12+ years for light use

Outdoor speaker

  • 7-8 years for heavy use
  • 10+ years of light use

How long does a JBL speaker take to charge?

Normally the JBL speakers take 3-4 hours to charge full to give a lasting output of 20 hours music time without any pause.

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