How to Charge a JBL Speaker? 8 Steps

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There are several hundred kinds of speakers out there, only a few are worthy of your consideration.

JBL is one of the few worth considering options that get recognized for ultra-portable designs and distinct bass-heavy audio profile.

As everything has its pros and cons, JBL speakers have made people struggle with a few things as well.

Upon asking most JBL users what they are struggling with, the users have confessed that they had a hard time recharging JBL speakers.

Recharging the JBL speaker is not that hard, it’s either the JBL customer service is poor or the JBL speakers can not be recharged directly.

Been struggling with recharging the JBL speaker as well? Here’s how you can do it.

How to Charge a JBL Speaker?

It must be kept in mind that the ultra-portable distinct bass-heavy audio profile JBL speakers usually have USB ports.

Therefore to charge the JBL speaker you have to have a good quality audio USB power adapter and a USB cable. That’s the only toughest part, the rest of the job is super easy.

Here is the step by step guide on how would you charge a JBL speaker;

Step one

How to Charge a JBL Speaker? 8 Steps

As mentioned above, almost all JBL speakers do not come with a standard accessory; a USB cable and an adapter to charge the speaker.

Therefore, you have to order a good-quality USB adapter and a cable first. Go to Amazon or visit a store nearby and order a USB adapter and a USB cable.

Step two

Unpack the USB cable and the adapter. Place the JBL speaker near a reliable power source and gear up for the mission.

Step three

Now that you are all ready for the mission, you have to open the port cover. It can be a zipper cover or a snap-closed flap. If the JBL speaker has a snap-closed flap, use penny or dime however, if there is a zipper cover you simply have to unzip it.

Step four

Upon opening the port cover, you have to find a micro USB port. Therefore locate the micro USB cover to move ahead.

Step five

How to Charge a JBL Speaker? 8 Steps

Now that you have found the hidden USB port, got a USB cable and an adapter, it’s time to plug in the cable. So, plug in the DC end in the JBL speaker’s USB port and connect the other end into the power adapter.

Step six

Plug the adapter into a reliable power source and switch it on. Take the JBL speaker and confirm whether the lamp lights are on or not. If the lamp lights are on, congratulations! your JBL speaker is being recharged.

Step seven

Do not reattach the JBL speaker until all the lamp lights go off. Wait for an hour or so and come back again to check whether the lights have gone off or not.

Step eight

As the speaker is recharged to perfection, unplug the USB cable from the JBL speaker and the power adapter.

Step nine

It’s time to put the cover back on. Carefully snap or zip the cover back to prevent any damage.

Step ten

Connect the JBL speaker to any tv device, go to your favorite application, play music or any audio file of your choice, sit and enjoy.


To recharge the JBL speaker, you need a USB cable and a power adapter. Unzip or snap the cover on the JBL speaker and connect one end of the USB cable to the speaker and the other to the adapter. Plugin the adapter to the reliable power source, there your projector would begin recharging to perfection. Unplug when you are done!

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