Do Both Speakers Work on iPhone 7?

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The iPhone 7 is the two most promising options served by Apple. The iPhone gained popularity for several reasons; one is the stereo audio playback feature. To support stereo audio playback, the iPhone 7 features two speakers.

It’s pretty common for Android phones and iPhones to have multiple cameras. However, having multiple speakers is a bit uncommon.

When I got to know about the dual speakers several years back, I had a million questions in my mind.

One of those questions was do both speakers work on iPhone 7 or not? Back then, the iPhone 7 was just introduced so I ended up asking the seller, would both speakers work or not? To my surprise, the seller had given me the most satisfactory answer.

Since the iPhone 7 has been around for years, still most of us are confused. Therefore, I decided to resolve the mystery.

So, Do Both Speakers “Really” Work on iPhone 7?

Yes, the iPhone 7 has two speakers and both top and bottom-firing speakers work. The two speakers make the iPhone 7 louder, to test the credibility of this speaker and compare the sound with any other iPhone model with one speaker.

If both speakers on iPhone 7 work, why do we still get the claim that one of the speakers does not work?

If you try inquiring whether both speakers on the iPhone7 work or not, you would get to hear a lot that one of the speakers does not work.

It is because most iPhone users do not know where the speakers are situated. They take the wrong slot as a speaker and end up thinking the speaker does not work.

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One of the speakers can fail to work only in one condition

In all conditions, both of the iPhone 7 speakers work. Only a technical issue causes one or both of the speakers to fail to work.

In brief, Yes, the iPhone 7 has two speakers and both of them are made to work. The iPhone 7 being twice louder than the iPhone 6s is living proof that the top-firing and the bottom-firing speaker not only work but work very well. One iphone speaker is easy connect with Bluetooth.

All those iPhone 7 users who claim that one of the speakers does not work, do not know where the additional speaker is situated.

Any technical fault can also cause one of the speakers to stop working. Therefore, avoid claiming both speakers do not work without testing the speakers thoroughly.

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