5 Ways to Make a Bluetooth Speakers Louder

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Many music fans invest in Bluetooth speakers to avoid fiddling with pesky wires. While this is a portable and handy solution, these speakers do not have enough power as their wired counterparts.

Luckily, there are a few methods to get a volume boost from Bluetooth speakers. Try any of the methods that work best for you to get a clearer, louder, and crisper sound.

How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

When opting for a Bluetooth speaker instead of the wired one, the owner has to make a few compromises on sound, bass, and volume. As these are battery-powered, the sound may not be as loud as desired.

Though Bluetooth speakers are smaller and reliant on battery power, it does not mean you can not change the loudness. They can be made louder with several methods to enjoy music with a boost.

Disclaimer – There is a limit to the speaker’s loudness or maximum volume, the device can not function beyond its abilities. However, certain ways help you funnel the speaker’s energy to make it appear louder.

Ways to Make a Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Room Size

Unlike their bigger cousins, Bluetooth speakers are not designed for bigger rooms or open spaces. Due to lower amplification power, the intensity of sound decreases as the room area gets bigger.

Use them in a small or appropriate-sized room and check the material of walls and floors as well. Using a lesser-powered speaker in an open space will spread the sound waves too far to be heard properly.


Find The Right Spot

Find the right spot to place the speaker to enhance sound levels. The precise spot or location can be determined according to the room size. Side by Side Bluetooth speakers have multiple ports.

The recommended spot for a Bluetooth speaker placement is on the floor. Make sure that the speaker is not obstructed by an object or a wall.

By placing the speaker on the ground, the vibrations will naturally flow, resulting in clear, unfiltered sound. For better audio quality, the wireless speaker should be placed in the middle of the room.

Here are some spots where it should not be placed

  • On the Surface Directly – Avoid placing speakers directly on the floor as it can weaken the signals. Some flooring, like carpet floors, absorbs sound, so it should be placed at a level closer to the ear.
  • Too Close to the Walls – Placing it too close to the walls will affect the direct speaker sounds. Therefore, place it away from the walls for less interference.

Get Two Bluetooth Speakers

If one speaker does not suffice and you have a huge audience to cater to, invest in another Bluetooth speaker. Use battery free Bluetooth speakers as they sustain more.

A pair of Bluetooth speakers will be far more dynamic and louder, making you enjoy the music more. An operator will get four times the amplified sound to get the party going.

Check the Volume of the Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes, it can be a non-speaker-related issue causing the low sound. Therefore, it is better to check all the audio settings to see if the volume is set to the optimum level or not. Check volume control and find the best equalizer/sound settings to improve the sound quality.

Investigate the Reason For Low Sound

Some speakers are louder in the initial days but start producing dull sounds after a while. Identify the reason behind the drop in sound quality. It could be because of non-adjustment with the device or signal dropping.

iPhone speakers usually make low sound due to dust in charging or handsfree port , you can clean iPhone speakers slot for better sound quality.


A diehard music lover or avid partygoer understands the pain of dull and faint sounds. There ain’t no party without the loud music, so, try out these tricks to see if there is any improvement in the speaker’s sound levels.

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