How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to TV? 7 Steps

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Ceiling speakers come to the rescue when your budget is too small for a stereo system and you have to watch TV in the loudest way possible. Moreover, they can also be considered when the space is not enough to install a stereo system.

If you are in the same situation, low on budget and space, installing and connecting the ceiling speaker to the TV is a fine idea.

Installing a ceiling speaker might be the trickiest job however connecting it to the TV would not require any skill or special knowledge. Want to know how easy it is to connect ceiling speakers to TV?

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to TV?

To connect the ceiling speaker to TV here’s what you would be required to do;

1. Invest in a good quality ceiling speaker

Ceiling speakers are not that expensive. Even the highest quality ceiling speaker would not burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, to get the impressive sound that you have to invest in a good quality Bluetooth ceiling speaker

2. Connect the transmitter

Most ceiling speakers available in the market allow Bluetooth connectivity. It is because connecting them through wires would be a hassle. Since you have invested in a good quality Bluetooth speaker, half of your job has gotten easy.

However, you have to keep that in mind before mounting the ceiling speaker transmitters needs to be connected. Connecting the ceiling speaker to the receiver also works with transmitters.

If this crucial step is neglected, you may have to uninstall the newly installed ceiling speaker, connect it to the transmitter, and reinstall it.

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to TV? 7 Steps

3. Mount the ceiling speaker

Now that you are done with the crucial step, it’s time to mount it to perfection. Make it a DIY project if you have got some skills or hire professional help.

Whatever way you choose, make sure the wires stay behind the walls. If they are kept exposed, the decorum of the bedroom will get affected

4. Install the Bluetooth receiver somewhere closer to the TV

Congratulations! Half your job is done. Now try installing the Bluetooth receiver closer to the TV.

5. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices

Take the ceiling speaker’s user manual and give it a read to find how Bluetooth would be turned on.

To Turn on Bluetooth on any TV, you have to find Bluetooth and other relevant options somewhere in the settings. Since this is just a general guide, we can not specifically tell where the relevant options would be. Therefore, turn on Bluetooth on both devices to move ahead with the plan

6. Connect

Search Bluetooth devices, find the Bluetooth ceiling speaker in the served option, tap to connect, wait for a few seconds. Most TV notifies that speaker is connected, wait for the notification to appear.

7. Adjust the volume

Now that the speaker and the TV have been connected, the sound would get noticeably louder. Adjust the volume according to your requirements and enjoy. Make sure you are watching TV at a volume that does not harm your ears.

In brief, get a good quality Bluetooth ceiling speaker, connect to the transmitter, install it into the ceiling, place the receiver in an appropriate place, turn on Bluetooth on both devices, connect the speakers to TV via Bluetooth, adjust the volume, and enjoy. Make sure the volume is not that high that it starts affecting your ears.

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