JBL Speakers Not Working on Mac? Solution

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JBL speakers not working on Mac? Several Mac users have faced similar problems as they were unable to connect JBL speakers to their mac computers. Usually, most users invest in a pair of JBL speakers for their high-quality sound and wireless freedom.

However, it is not smooth sailing as connection difficulties often spoil the seamless experience that JBL speakers offer otherwise.

No worries, this guide will help you find solutions to the common problems faced by Mac users.

Why is JBL Speaker Not Working on Mac?

Many people use JBL speakers as they provide better sound quality than the internal speakers of Mac. There could be several reasons why the JBL speaker does not connect to the Mac or stops working properly.

Corrupted Pairing

Commonly, JBL Bluetooth speakers fail to work when multiple Bluetooth devices are connected to the Mac. Likewise, connection problems also arise when the speaker is connected to several devices.

Outdated System

Another reason why JBL speakers do not work is when the Bluetooth driver on the mac has not been updated in a long time.

Broken Hardware

If still the problem remains unsolved, check for any hardware issues, and make sure any component of the speaker is not broken.


Visit sound settings to see which sound output device is selected as the default or the volume is not set at mute.

Solution – JBL Speakers Not Working on Mac

  • Connect Again – To fix corrupted pairing, go to the System Preferences > Bluetooth and navigate to the JBL speaker. Next, right-click on the device and press Forget. Now, connect the JBL speaker again to see if it works.
  • Update the Bluetooth Driver – Some of the features stop working when the Mac is running on outdated Bluetooth drives. Go to the System Preferences > Software Update to see if it needs updating.
  • Check hardware – Ensure that the speaker or the connection wires are not broken or faulty.
  • Restart Devices – Although it seems like an obvious tip, often restarting Mac, JBL speakers, or both do the trick.
  • Output Volume – Make sure that the output volume setting is not set too low or at mute. If so, change the volume level to an audible setting.
  • Sound Output Device – Go to the sound settings to see which audio device is selected. If another device is selected, change it to the JBL speaker.


To summarize, the Mac user has to identify the problem first before trying to fix it. Hopefully, these quick solutions will help you connect the JBL speaker with the Mac and fix any sound issues.

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