JBL Speakers Connected But No Sound: Quick Solution

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Struggling to get sound out of your newly bought JBL speakers? It’s important to know that there is absolutely no reason to regret your decision to go for a JBL speaker. JBL is a reliable brand, the speakers might be expensive but worth it.

However, the users sometimes face “no sound” and some other minor issues. These issues are not due to any technical fault, you can fix them without any hassle. Since the no sound issue is bothering you at the moment, let me find you the cause and the best solution.

JBL Speakers Connected But No Sound, What to Do?

Well first you “really” have to calm down, the issue is usually due to many reasons. Mainly the sound output issue leads to the “no sound” issue. Therefore, the first thing you need to check is the sound output.

  1. Choose the output option – Go to the sound window, find and select the output option
  2. Select the Device – You will be asked to select a device for sound output, there will be two or three options. If the JBL speaker is already selected, the Sound output is not the cause of the no sound issue. However, if the JBL speaker is not selected, you have to select it to get the sound.
  3. Test – Open YouTube and play any video to test whether the no sound issue is resolved.

If the Issue Persists

You have to understand that the JBL speaker’s “no sound” issue is not due to inappropriate Sound Output settings.

There is some other cause. So the first thing you need to do in this situation is to check the volume and JBL speakers should not be off.

I’m talking about the volume of computers or any other device the JBL speaker is connected to. If the volume of the device is off, how would you hear the sound?

You can also try deleting or reset JBL speaker from your device’s paired devices option, pair, and connect again.

A friend of mine suggested to play with the AUX cable plugged in for a while. You can unplug the cable after a minute or two. If JBL is connected with iphone check ios sound settings.

It worked for and it might work for some of you as well. Despite these suggested solutions, I have found closing and reopening the playback app also effective in getting the sound. Sometimes cleaning JBL speaker with proper care also solve the problem.


JBL speakers connected but with no sound? Go to sound, select the output option, in the options served scroll down and select the JBL speakers to get sound.

If still the issue remains unresolved, pair the speakers again, close and reopen the playback app, or check the volume of the device your speakers are connected to. You would surely know the cause and find a solution as well.

Matt K. Brooks

Matt K. Brooks

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