JBL GTO609C Review in 2023

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Planning to invest in a JBL GTO609C speaker and here for the review? Well, you have made the smart move.

The information given on Amazon is true but it only focuses on the strengths, you hardly find any weaknesses.

The reviews are often paid and positive so it gets hard to judge whether the speaker is worthy enough of your consideration or not. Since this is the most hyped JBL speaker, I tried and tested it. After a few months of use, here’s what I have to say about it;



If we judge these speakers by appearance as we normally first do, I would say the overall appearance is not that bad.

In fact, they are more handsome than most speakers of this type. Upon opening the package, I was more amazed than I was before.

Almost every speaker JBL has ever made can not be beaten when it comes to appearance. Therefore, how can this GTO609c speaker not have an impressive design?


These JBL speakers are well built. The speakers come packed in carbon-composite and non-magnetic frames. This makes the speakers durable enough for rough and tough use.

Speaker Type

These most handsome JBL speakers are categorized as subwoofers. For your better understanding, subwoofers are the speakers that allow you to truly feel the sound. To be honest, they know what their job is and do it well as well; allow you to feel the sound.

Sound quality

The sound quality of these speakers is not as impressive as we normally expect from the JBL speaker brand.

These subwoofers play music in a not-so-impressive but decent quality. You can use them with or without an amp or JBL GTO629 is good option. However, I needed more bass, so I had to add an amp. That’s what I hated the most about these speakers.

Other than that, I had no other issues. So, these subwoofers would work for you if you do not demand bass much for your speakers. If you do, you would not be very impressed by the sound quality.


As stated above, the JBL speakers are categorized as subwoofers. They are useful for the typical subwoofer’s job. You can get them for your little home theater and car stereo system.


JBL is a well-known brand. Therefore, the speakers introduced by this brand are a little costly. Like it’s fellow JBL speakers, these subwoofers are expensive as well. The pair is currently being sold for $129.

Lastly, JBL GTO609C yay or nay?

The JBL GTO609C gets a nay because the company has discontinued these speakers. Even if these speakers are just as you wanted your subwoofers to be, I would suggest you go for a newly launched one.

JBL has many impressive subwoofers, you should check and invest in some other subwoofer instead.

Matt K. Brooks

Matt K. Brooks

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