Is Edifier a Good Brand? Unbiased Opinion

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With so many speakers’ brands in the market, it is no less than a challenge to inspect only the best among the rest. Certainly, the audio device, speakers, headphones, or subwoofers are getting more robust day by day. Therefore, you can’t go wrong to choose what you exactly need.

In today’s article, we shall exclusively figure out if Edifier is a good brand or not, and if it is, what are the parameters that set Edifier’s value above standards. Let’s deep dive into it:

What is the Edifier brand?

If you want to keep your PC or audio system rich with the latest gears, you must already have heard of the Edifier speakers. The Edifier is a China brand. The company is widely popular for making audio sets, music systems, headphones, and speakers.

Edifier is not a new name. For over 20 years, the brand has been top-of-the-line. You can also infer the quality approach of this brand as Edifier has registered itself in more than 80 countries. Some of the names are France, Italy, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, and Mexico.

Is Edifier a Good Brand? (Pros)

However, if this is your first time opting for this brand, this blog is going to be the answer about whether Edifier is a good brand or it is just an illusion.

Certainly, its popularity and the lauded review are letting us know about the credibility of the brand.

So now let’s see how Edifier has maintained to be a preferred brand.

1. Flexible Cost

What makes Edifier popular is its affordability. Edifiers offer speakers, headphones, and other audio devices at a budget-friendly cost and that is the highlighted reason why every other brand offers expensive gear. Due to the reasonable cost and the flexibility in price range, everybody can opt for the Edifier speaker to complete the PC rig or audio system. For example, Affordable Edifier R980T is around $90-100 compared to other speakers with same quality and bass. Also there are some other affordable speakers which makes edifier a good brand, given below:

2. Robust Sound and Deep Bass

If you haven’t used the Edifier sound system before, the quality will certainly make you stick to the brand. The deep bass and the superfast Bluetooth connectivity never keep you waiting for the pairing and other factors. The suave, loud and clear audio by the speaker instantaneously becomes everybody’s favorite.

Moreover, you can consider the music system for home entertainment as well as professional setup. That makes this brand a step forward to lean on. Many professionals and function organizers prefer the hassle-free Bluetooth speaker to get the double-up sound.

3. Support for Customers

Another thing about the Edifier brand that not many companies offer is its friendly customer support. Unlike regular names, the Edifier speaker and audio set company makes sure to provide backup for quality.

Edifier products excel in quality still the brand is known to ensure reliability after the sale. The company offers after-sale service and support so that the buyers get ideal usage. That instantly makes the brand dear to its customer and turns them into regular buyers.

The terms and conditions of Edifier products may differ as it operates in more than 70 countries over the world. However, customer support remains with every product. In case you have any issues, quarry, or concerns regarding the product, the instantaneous mail support of the Edifier is what gives you reliability.

4. High-quality with Warranty

If you purchase the Edifier speaker or headphones, you get the quality assured. Moreover, the brand makes sure of a two-year warranty for the entire Image Series products and a one-year warranty for its Multimedia Series products. Likewise, the Studio Series products by Edifier brand also offer a one-year warranty claim. And when you get the warranty of the product, the reliability and credibility of the brand instantly become practical and worthwhile.

5. Offers Variety

Certainly, when you are talking about an audio brand, you expect quality. The Edifier brand makes sure to deliver quality in each of its products. For instance, the brand is not merely limited to speakers only.

You get headphones, a microphone, Soundbars, earbuds, and many other accessories along with the music system. In short, the Edifier is catering to everything that falls into audio gear and each of its gears has remarkable build, performance, and longevity.

6. Newfangled Design

If you prefer stylish design you have the Edifier brand and if you prefer subtle professional-looking gear, Edifier has got your back too. 

This brand has excelled in producing elegant designs without neglecting the user-friendly parameter at all. The chic look, decent colors, and the latest tech innovation offer you ‘the best in Edifier products. Not to mention how it is simplified, the feature is making things more ergonomic than ever.

Is Edifier Good for Making Headphones, Subwoofers, and Earbuds?

Edifier is making groundbreaking technology affordable and reliable, and that is its biggest USP. Earlier the brand was popular for making wooden case speakers. However, with time, now you get Edifier’s latest headphones, headset, Bluetooth audio device, and much more gear with strict quality control. 

The brand certainly makes above-par products that tell the quality and the Edifier TWS1 PRO True Wireless Earbuds is a new range for its innovative short, this brand is reliable for headphones, earbuds, speakers, and anything that you are looking for in the audio range.

Edifier’s excellence for computer speakers, Soundbar, portable speaker and move has been proven by the reviews and real-time analysis of professional users. I have listed some best products (speakers, earbuds, headphones, and sound bars) with 4+/5 customer ratings that really justify that Edifier is a good brand:

Comparison of Different Products from Edifier Brand

Sr. No.NameBest For/AsBest FeaturesCheck
1Edifier G4 TE Gaming HeadsetGamingHIFI Sound Feast
Noise Canceling Mic
RGB Illumination
2Edifier R980T 4″ Active SpeakerComputer, PCClear, powerful sound
Good Vol. & Bass
3Edifier S2000MKIII Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf 2.0 SpeakerBookshelfHigh-end audiophile componentsCheck
4Edifier W820BT Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth v4.1
Travel friendly design
Strong durable flexible
5Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse 2.0PortableTouch sensitive controls for volume, play/pause, previous/next track and standbyCheck
6Edifier TWS1 PRO True Wireless EarbudsEarbudsDual or Solo Earbud Use
42 hours total battery + rapid charge
Water and dust resistant
7Edifier Powered Soundbar S50DBSound barsBluetooth, aux, optical & coaxial digital inputs
Wall mount brackets included
External subwoofer output

Is There Any Flip Side of the Edifier Brand?(Cons)

However, nothing comes with complete whistles and bells and there are no exceptions with the Edifier brand. If you have some pretty specific demand from a sound speaker or brand, Edifier may have its own limits to it. So now let’s see what those things that Edifier brand needs to improve or improve more than anything else.

No Volume Adjustment

If you want to keep the volume control in your hand, the Edifier brand may lack a step behind. Most of the Edifier audio products do not come with the touch control for volume setting and that makes things manual as compared to being smart. For example, Edifier M601DB has volume adjustment button but No Bass/Treble Controls!

Confined Audio Output

Edifier is yet to work on its audio output approach. For now you do not have the rich audio output ports that somehow make the connectivity limited like it happens with Edifier MP280. However, you can opt for Bluetooth connectivity or for multiple speakers for that matter.

Low Sound for Earbuds

Some of the Edifier earbuds may let out comparatively fainted sound. That makes them specified for use. However, if you opt for headphones they are good to let out great sound in every case.

In Short

Edifier has been experimenting with new technology and that is the reason why this brand has kept up to deliver the quality. Moreover, you get home sound systems, professional audio systems, gaming headset and much more in a single place. They offer a wide range under one roof.

If you want to upgrade your audio system, now you know how Edifier is providing competitive quality. The loud sound, stylish designs, durable quality, and affordable price never give you any reason to look elsewhere. Hopefully, this blog has given you a clear picture of the Edifier brand. So if you want to purchase from it, you have a reason to do it.

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