How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker?

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Have you accidentally dropped your phone in the water? Is your smartphone damaged as a result of the rain? Have you ever dropped a liquid on your phone by accident? Well, you are not alone. Almost 25% of smartphone users have had a similar experience. It is important to realize that numerous complications can develop if your phone comes into contact with water. No matter if it is waterproof or not.

When your smartphone becomes accidentally wet, you may encounter issues such as ghost touch, muffled sound, and distorted audio. Even if your phone is waterproof, the speaker can be damaged. On the negative side, there is no built-in system for removing water from your phone’s speaker. However, do not panic; we have several solutions by which you can get water out of your phone speaker.

How to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker Without Rice?

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker?

Sometimes, the smartphone comes in contact with water accidentally. You can avoid the damage caused by water if you act fast. 

Uniquely, some mobiles have a built-in protection system that can protect your phone from water damage up to a certain time. You just need to take some immediate steps to take out water from your phone.

If your phone comes in contact with water, there are chances that it can damage your phone speaker. For that purpose, first, play audio on your phone. If the audio muffles, it means that your phone’s speaker is damaged.

With this intention, here are some tried and tested methods that can help you out with removing water from the phone speaker without using rice or other unreasonable stuff.

1. Shake Your Mobile Phone

If you are having a feature phone and it comes in contact with water, then turn it off immediately.

Remove the battery and sim card from your phone and shake it well. Make sure that its speaker is facing downwards. This way, the water comes out easily.

This is the simplest method to get water out of a phone speaker.

Shaking of phones works best for basic phones and feature phones.

2. Use of Hair Dryer

A hairdryer can be used to remove water from the phone. To explain, hairdryer is an electrical device that is used to evaporate water basically from hairs. It can also be used to dry out water inside of your phone. 

The hairdryer ejects warm air into the phone speaker and when hot air touches water inside the speaker, it helps in drying that water. Consequently, water is removed.

On the positive side, this method works for all types of phones either feature phones, android phones,s or an iPhone.

3. Place Near Slight Heat

You can place your phone in a slightly warm place. It will warm up the phone and as a result, the liquid/ water inside the phone speaker will dry up. The heat source you can use is a candle. But don’t make direct contact with it to avoid burning or black smoke smudges.

Make sure that your phone is not heat-sensitive. 

This method works best for heat-resistant phones.

4. Speaker Cleaner Feature

Some smartphones have a speaker cleaner feature. In this feature, a high pitch sound is produced that removes water from the speaker by vibrating it. 

You can find the cleaner feature by going into your mobile settings just like that: Settings → Additional Settings → Clear Speaker.

It must be remembered that most android phones have a built-in speaker cleaner feature. Xiaomi smartphones have this hidden feature.

5. Use of Apps

As dropping off the water on your phone is surely a common issue so certain apps have been designed to get out water from your phone speaker.

Android phone has their own apps while IOS has its own apps to remove water from mobile phones.

There is a specially designed high pitch sound to get water out of phone.

It is the easiest and quickest method to remove water from the smartphone. By the same token, it has a success rate of 80%.

Modern available apps are

  • Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound
  • Super Speaker Cleaner
  • Speaker cleaner – Remove water & fix sound (Android)
  • Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Fix & Boost Sound (Android)
  • Sonic V (iOS)
  • Water Eject Siri Shortcut (iOS)

It is better to double-check your mobile model compatibility with these apps before you install them on your phone.

6. Visit an Authorized Service Center

By trying all these methods, if you are still unsatisfied, then take your phone to a mobile technician. There are official service centers for each brand.  Make sure that you visit an authorized service center to get water out of your phone speaker.

You can easily do this by searching on Google maps with the brand name. Like if you search Samsung center in your area, you will easily find a Samsung repairing shop.

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