How to Connect JBL to Android?

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When you have the latest, and the best JBL speakers at home, connecting them to your phone makes sense. You surely want to know how to connect JBL to Android if you’re an Android user. Indeed, the wireless phone-to-speaker connection gives you the freedom to move and remote play.

However, if you are new to the JBL brand, it’s crucial to know what wireless connectivity approach it offers. So below, I’ll present to you the easy steps for JBL to Android connectivity without making things complex at all.

Connecting JBL to Android

So if we talk about the Android OS smartphone, here are a few quick steps for connecting JBL speakers. Like any wireless connectivity, for example in the case of wireless Bt JBL speaker, first of all, you should know that both devices are fully charged and turned on to make a move. After that, follow the following steps.

1. Power on the Speaker

As said before, first of all, ensure the JBL speaker is working and powered on. The blinking light will tell you whether the device is working for Bluetooth or not. The blinking light will probably be at the back side of the Speaker. Moreover, the Speaker will auto-shift to the pairing mode if you are doing it for the first time.

2. Click the BT button

If the Speaker isn’t in pairing mode, you need to press the Bluetooth button in the middle of the JBL speaker. By pressing the Bluetooth button, the Speaker will go into the pairing mode to search for the available devices.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth on the Phone

It is time to hold the Android phone. When you have turned on the Bluetooth of the JBL speaker, go to the Bluetooth setting in your phone and turn it on. Here, on the device, you will see the option Add a Bluetooth Device or Pair a New Bluetooth Device option. Click JBL

4. Select the JBL speaker

From the Android phone, click on the JBL speaker name (whichever model you’re using) and pair it.

Click on the Speaker’s name in the list, and then choose Pair the devices. The blinking LED light (on the JBL speaker) will instantly stop once your Speaker gets paired with the Android. The light will still be turned on, but in a solid state, not blinking.

5. Play Music

Once the light stops blinking on the JBL speaker, you have successfully connected the JBL speaker to the Android phone. So now you can play the songs or audio files you want to listen to. Moreover, if your JBL speaker is compatible with Connect+ or JBL PartyBoost application, you can make things more simplified.

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